BN-500 automatic sliding door system

1.Main control unit adopts whole digitalized computer control system, which has easy adjustment, good anti-interference and stable parameters compared 

with mode of variable resistance simulation debugging. 

2.Two chips coordinate and work. Built-in automatic calibration algorithm and protection program make working performance of door body more stable and reliable. 

3.The control unit adopts method of dynamic speed regulation, which could be smoothly and stably switched between starting and braking and is adjustable, to extend service life 

of motor and belt. Multi-functional composite control and wide parameter setting range could satisfy requirement from different users.

4.Personalized human-computer interaction interface adopts touch key to input that program could be set by slightly clicking with finger. Digit is output and displayed on LED. 

It is simple and easy to debug precisely.

5.Some functions of auxiliary protection and automatic repair are built in and could be used as reference data for operation and maintenance

6.5-segment semi-open design completely meets user’s demand for space usage

7.Motor has pulley technique to obviously reduce motor running noise and largely improve drive torque and transmission efficiency

8.DC motor having function of self-locking is adopted. No extra machinery needed to achieve effect of access control

9.Simple, convenient and rapid circuit connection brings you large convenience in installation,Large amount of port and updating resources for debugging and parameter setting are reserved

Security: 1. Function of automatic reversing. During door body closing, when there is barrier or people in closing direction of the door body, the door will automatically 

move in opposite direction to avoid knocking or clamping people.   2. Anti-theft and self-locking system 

Technical parameters

Single door

Double door

 Door weight 


Door width DW=600-1500mm DW=800-1300mm
Doorway width W=1400-4200mm

Door closing speed


Door opening speed

300-700mm/sec 300-700mm/sec

Door open time


Manual door opening and closing


Used power supply


Electronic control unit

Dual-chip microcomputer processing control unit is adopted


DC motor

Adaptive environment

Ambient temperature -20~+50 relative humidity 30%~85%Rh (no moisture condensation and ice)

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